The Most Popular Types of Cargo

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Do you know the most common types of shipments? There are several ways to transport goods across the country and worldwide, and it’s about them that we’ll talk about in this article! Whether by sea, sky or by land, there are different types of shipments. However, it is worth noting that the modal tends to vary according to the shipment that will be transported.

Now, have you thought about the amount of objects and materials that can be transported? As the variety is large, there are several shipment (ขนส่ง ทาง เรือ, which is the term in Thai) classifications. Glassware and dishes are considered, for example, fragile loads. Animals are defined as live loads. There are still many other categories.

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Dry loads

This type of cargo refers to industrialized and non-perishable products. In this case, transportation can be done regardless of the season or weather.

Loads in bulk

The cargo is considered bulk when it is not bagged, packaged or boxed. Within this category, there are two types of bulk cargo: solid and liquid.

Bulk liquid (not hazardous)

This charge, as the name suggests, is liquid and corresponds to:

  • Juices;
  • Waters;
  • Soda;
  • Among other liquid products.

Refrigerated loads

Refrigerated loads fall into two categories: perishable and frozen.

Frozen foods

Products that have undergone a temperature lowering process can be defined as frozen perishable cargo, with the formation of ice.

Dangerous cargoes

The dangerous goods are those that pose risks to human health, the environment or public safety, whether found in nature or produced. To operate with this type of transportation, it is necessary to have trucks prepared for the specific product. In addition, the vehicle shall display symbols indicating the risk classification.

Loads of ore and cement

These raw materials are often transported through pipelines with special pumps, which can drive both solid and powder loads.