Freight Management: 4 Reasons to Automate and Optimize the Process to Send Goods to Foreign Countries

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As the transportation service is a strategic area in the shipping business, it is to be expected that freight management is one of the major concerns for these companies who send goods to foreign countries (ส่ง ของ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ราคา, which is the term in Thai).

Therefore, we separate in this post the four main reasons for you to consider the investment in technology, in order to automate the various steps involved in this type of operation. Follow us!

Have greater control over the operation

Through TMS (Transportation Management System) software it is possible to follow all the fundamental aspects of an efficient freight management. Some of the features are:

  • Transport management;
  • Calculation of freight cost ;
  • Monitoring the status of the application;
  • Consultation of transport documents;
  • Quality of service.

Reduce occurrence of errors

Since systems of this genre minimize the need for manual tasks, the probability of a failure is much lower.

Consider the auditing of the carrier’s invoices. Earlier than making the payment, you have to check whether the amounts charged are correct, if there is any duplicity – in other words, if all the data is correct.

Gain more reliability

The use of software specialized in freight management allows all the information related to this field to be centralized.

This way, you can avoid problems like:

  • Information without standardization;
  • Slowness to find data, such as those in files and documents;
  • Loss of information.

Reduce costs

As we’ve seen, having a TMS system helps you find solutions to streamline processes, reduce crashes, increase employee productivity, and help you make better business decisions.

All of this directly influences cost savings and enables you to better target investments in sectors that truly bring growth to the business and increase its competitiveness.