Taxis for Large Groups: Finding the Perfect Ride in Singapore

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Traveling in Singapore with a large group can be challenging to arrange transportation. While public transport is efficient, it may not suit everyone’s needs. Taxis are a convenient private option but regular cabs only seat up to 4 passengers. In this guide, I’ll discuss the best taxi alternatives for groups.

Taxis for Large Groups

Maxi Cab Singapore

Maxi Cab Singapore is the top choice for large parties. Their vehicles can hold up to 16 passengers making it ideal for families, friends or work groups. Booking is simple – you can schedule a Maxi Cab Singapore ride within seconds over the phone or through their website/apps. They offer competitive rates and have island-wide coverage.

Combining Regular Taxis

For groups of 5-7 people, you can split into two regular 4-seater cabs. However, this requires coordination and may cost more if traveling to different destinations. It’s better to book Maxi Cab Singapore for convenience when numbers exceed a single taxi’s capacity.

Renting Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Rental companies Maxicap Singapore also provides MPVs that seat 7-12 passengers along with luggage space. Rates are by the day but it offers flexibility if your itinerary includes multiple stops. Make bookings at least a few days ahead online for best options and prices.

Airport Transfers

Luxury vehicles transport between the airport and hotels, with seating for 8-12 people. Rates are higher but include meet-and-greet services.

Hotel Shuttles

Some hotels operate private shuttles, inquiring about schedules and availability upon reservations. However, timetables may have limits.

Hop-on Hop-off Buses

Popular tours use double decker buses seating around 50 people on preset routes with attractions stops. Consider fixed daily schedules.

Ride-Sharing Apps

For casual meets, create private ‘parties’ on apps and split the total fare evenly among participants. Caps ensure reasonable pricing but no additional stops allowed. Maxi Cab Singapore allows app bookings too.

In conclusion, Maxi Cab Singapore and renting vehicles provide the best balance of flexibility, capacity and affordability for group transportation. Advance planning and booking pickups/drop-offs smoothly handles Singapore sightseeing.