4 DIY Tips For Garage Door Repair And Care

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Garage door maintenance is one of the most important tasks that you cannot overlook at any cost. Many people don’t pay attention to the health of their doors until they suddenly stop working. A very few people take serious action to take care of their door and hire the Garage Door Service. When it comes to basic repairs and maintenance, there are many things that you can easily do yourself.

Garage Door Repair Riverdale, Park City

Door is too heavy

If your door has become too heavy to lift and lower, then this issue can be resolved with basic maintenance and simple adjustments. If your door is attached with an electric opener, then disconnect it from the opener by pulling the cord. See if your door performs better manually, then there is an issue with the opener. To fix it, you can hire Garage Door Opener Repair Riverdale Service.

Your door needs adjustments

Garage doors are heavy and large, when they are used regularly, they can fall out of alignment. If you are unable to lower or lift your door, then it might not be adjusted correctly. To prevent this situation, assess your door every year and check if the hinges, springs, and rollers are working fine. If the springs are under pressure or out of alignment, don’t try to fix them yourself, but hire Garage Door Spring Replacement Park City service.

Tighten the screws and bolts

With everyday use, some of the moving parts tend to loosen up. You should inspect the bolts and screws once a month otherwise they can lead to severe damage. If your door is noisy, then tighten the screws and bolts and apply spray-lubricant on all the moving parts.

Wash and paint

You should wash the door every three months to remove the dirt and grime. Apply paint on it every two years for saving it from degrading.

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