What Tires Do You Put Chains On The Four-Wheel Drive?

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The first and foremost thing is you should have tire set chains that will be compatible with your vehicle. You can get the tire specification in the car’s manual or even better if you find it on the sidewalls of the tires themselves right there. 

Snow chains are flexible to a specific spot, required for the secure and tight fit needed for tires to work, but you should find a set compatible with your vehicle. You can get them by Tyres Campbellfield. Adjustments will be available on product packaging, or it will be easier if you get an online description.

What Tires Do You Put Chains On The Four-Wheel Drive

Enforce Chains to the Front or Back Wheels Properly

In some cases, you only have to enforce chains to the front two or back of two of your vehicle’s wheels. (It is better because there are only two chains about each set-out.) For front-wheel drive vehicles, tire chains should go on two front tires. The chains must be on the backside wheels for back wheel drive automobiles. It would help to put the front tires for a four-wheel drive to give you more steering grip.

Do Not Lay the Chain Out Ahead of Car

Do not lay the chain out ahead of the car and then drive. That’s a beginner’s mistake as you attempt to put the chains wholly lined up and go just the right amount which leads to a lot of time. Alternatively, you can arrange the wheels through Wheels Campbellfield, then put the brake and hang the chains over the tires, conceal the end of the chains below the front of each wheel and allow the extra slack to drape off the second end. Be sure that the hooks, loops, clips, etc system faces the tire’s outer surface so you can attach the chains.