How To Take Your Pet On A Roadtrip

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If you?re like a lot of other pet owners, leaving your dog at home while you go on a long journey can not only be stressful, but you?ll miss them and wish they were there with you. If your dog is old enough and you?re looking to take them on your next road trip, there will be a few things you should keep in mind so the ride goes as smoothly as possible. These few tips will help you have the best time on the road with your pup.


One of the first thing you should consider is if your dog gets car sickness or not. This can be a boon to road trips with your pups, but there are ways you can get your dog more comfortable with road trips and make sure they have the best time, even if they do get a bit of motion sickness. Make sure that the car is cool, either by letting down the windows, or making sure that the air conditioning is on. You should also give them a comfortable place to sit by themselves. Instead of having them on laps, they?ll be less likely to get sick from all the motion. Another great idea is to get them used to riding in cars, with small trips before your big trip. Make frequent trips, and if that doesn?t work take a visit to the vet for some motion sickness medication for your pup.

Another thing you should consider is that you?ll more than likely have to stop often, especially if your dog is on the smaller side. Just like with little kids, you?ll be needing to stop more often for bathroom breaks and stretching because their small bladders aren?t able to hold as much liquid, making it likely that they?ll have to stop often. Be sure to make sure you?re giving them water on every stop so they can hydrate after using the loo. A great place to get travel water and food bowls is PetSmart, where you can get great ones that fold up and take up less space.