2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Euro

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Humans are sincerely leaning in the direction of this car due to the upgrades made by means of Volkswagen in Tiguan euro-spec. ?Parents like how the new Volkswagen appears, the elegantly formed exterior and a relaxed indoors blessed with enough space. All this stuff add to the individuality and amusement inside the new launch of Volkswagen. As in keeping with vw this new version is two.Four inches longer in period and its width is multiplied by using 1.2 inches, except this, there is an increment of a three-inch stretch to the wheelbase.?The new release is 1.Three inches lesser in top base trim.

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Euro


The new Tiguan has all the ingredients to excel the class it lies in, it passes upmarket feature, a handsome design and an impression that lasts longer. Besides this, the perk of this SUV lies in its lights. The new Tiguan comes with LED tail lights in addition to this company also offers to install front LED lights.


The engine used in VW is based on turbochargers, four cylinder engine directly injecting the fuel. The engine produces a horsepower of 240 Hp and as per VW officials, it has the capability to pull up to 5500 pounds.


It is roughly estimated that the Tiguan can cover about 30 miles on a straight highway. Yet, the actual figures are still to be confirmed.


New Tiguan comes with a wheelbase of three adjustable sizes, a 4 motion all-wheel drive capability controlled with 7-speed transmission levels. The engine is four cylinder base and provides sufficient power for the off-road challenges.

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Euro 2


As stated earlier VW is striving to provide reliability to its customers yet at the affordable rates. The price tag associated with this Tiguan is quite impressive it will cost around $ 23,000 dollars when its sale starts next year.


It is claimed that Tiguan can compete with Mazda CX-5, and can outshine it in terms of sporty looks and crisp of its drive. It is lesser by 100 pounds from the family it belongs meaning a better mileage. The steering is electrically powered and the car is also possessing GPS drive guard.


Talking about the interior, the new Tiguan has learned a lot in this aspect from its predecessors. It has a comfortable interior expanded up to three inches from its predecessors and 1.2 inches wider body. Back seats are added with an extra 1.1 inches space so that knees can be easily adjusted besides this they are also furnished with cushions, a USB port providing 12 Volts of power and an enhanced rear view window. The American model has an option for the installation of the third row of seats.


Tiguan Euro-Spec has a wider face and much-squared body lines. The display associated with this car is highly legible. The adjustable chassis setting is available in this model, which means that new Tiguan can easily deal with the off-road challenges.

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Euro 1