Quick Tips to Install a Racing Liner like the Pros

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There are many guidelines available telling you how to properly install a Racing Liner, so why should you waste your breath here? Good question, well we are giving you a few insights that will help you to install new sleeves like a pro!

install a Racing Liner like the Pros

Proper Installation

Place your sealing rings as said by the brand, inside the block or on the Racing Liner. Avoid overstretching the thing when you put over new sleeves. When everything is in place, make sure you don?t twist the ring because it has to be lifted out of groove and turned till you can see a thin flash line around its seal.

Easy Pitting

To make sure the sleeve has an easy entry, you need to lubricate the seal and deck bore. Use a silicone lubricant which is pressurized in spray or grease form. If you can?t lay your hands on a silicone lubricant, you can use your engine oil, or brake fluid for this purpose.

Caution: Sealing rings can expand after staying in direct contact with petroleum chemicals for a long time. Therefore you need to apply the lubricant before installation.

Save Your Breath

Sealing rings are mostly made of silicone material. They are less sensitive to temperature and maintains resilience over engine for a long time. They are sharp, and you need to be careful while installing them. These are color coded to avoid any confusion.

In case the sealing ring bore is properly polished, you don?t have to tap it to put on new sleeves. Moreover, you can easily reposition it by bumping the sleeve with your hands.

After you have put the sleeves in their right place, you need to press the sleeve down with a plate across two head bolts, and ensure they are bottomed and have right protrusion.

You also have to check the inside diameter of every sleeve in packing ring area, you need to use inside mikes, or plug gage of old piston to see if there are any closing to prevent distortion.