Lease a Mercedes G63 Squared Luxury Auto Today

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If you love luxury when you drive, but also like the idea of driving a monster truck, then you’ll want to consider a  lease Mercedes G63 Squared auto upgrade. This Mercedes is indeed one of a kind, as it’s both an SUV and monster-truck hybrid. That’s because of the vehicle’s portal axles.

Lease a Mercedes G63 Squared Luxury Auto

A Great Choice for an Off-Roading Adventure

When you drive a regular auto, the axile is placed so its height coincides with the center of the wheels. However, this is not the case when you drive a G63. If you’re a serious off-roader, you’ll definitely like this feature. A gear on the wheel links to the axle, which, in turn, allows you to raise the axle. 

This gives you the type of ground clearance that makes the vehicle a pure pleasure to drive. Moreover, the car also boasts an independent front suspension with its portal axle design. This gives you more roll when you take corners.

Also, the AWD driving mode of the car comes with a preference for RWD. This means that more of the car’s power is directed to the rear wheels while less power, by default, goes to the front of the car. 

As the terrain or conditions change, so does this distribution. You also have control with three differentials–front, center, and rear–any of which you can lock to tackle challenging off-road environments.

Also, you can’t ignore the other top features of this car, as they make it stand out from terrain-friendly autos.

Stay Safe While You’re  Navigating Difficult Terrain

Because the car is four inches longer than a regular G Wagen, it features marker lights on the roof. Red lights highlight the back of the vehicle while yellow lights are seen at the front. The rear fender also comes with an extension to meet the car’s approved height.

The weight of the car is almost 6,000 pounds. and the extra large spare tire covers the auto’s rear window. So, if you want to drive a big and bad SUV, you’ll find this car to be a dream come true.

Lease This Spectacular Auto Online Today

This combination Mercedes and monster truck can be  yours if you love taking the backroads in your free time. Lease this auto now – you can make it happen. While buying the SUV can set you back financially, you can find an affordable way to drive the car by leasing it online – beginning today!